Space Days Transinne,
Belgium, October 13-14th

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 Come & see M3 Systems’ cutting-edge demonstrations, exciting new equipment and technology during the Space Days!

We will show:
e-TrackAir,  an integrated location based solution for airport ground operations and reporting. 
e-TrackAir® is the ideal solution for airports committed to providing better safety and efficiency.
Taxisat, an autonomous infrastructureless and driverless vehicle. The vehicle positioning relies on an innovative solution based on the hybridization of COTS proprioceptive sensors with computed vision and with augmented satellite-based system. Thanks to the hybridization of multiple sensor types, TAXISAT is capable to reach the level of performance and of reliability required for such vehicle being used on private sites.
– Urbanzen, a collaborative tool that provides carriers the capability to adapt in real-time their itineraries and their delivery rounds, taking into account the actual situation on the field.