Curriculum vitae – Marc Pollina


Birth : 1958, Auvelais (Belgique)
Nationality : French
Languages : English & Italian fluent


Marc Pollina is a Telecommunication engineer Graduated from ENSTB university (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne – France ) in 1982. After a first industrial experience in the domain of Air-traffic Control Radars (THALES), he has been responsible at European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC) of the ERS-1 satellite on-board computers development (radar signal processing and command & control) from 1985 to 1991.

Marc Pollina has acquired over 20 years experience in the space & aeronautics domain and has a recognized background in embedded systems specification and development in particular in the aerospace domain and in the GNSS applications domain. He has been involved in many studies conducted for ESA and EUROCONTROL and has acquired a very good practice of work in an international environment both with SMEs and large institutions.


From 2001 to 2003 Associated Professor at ENSEIHT university in the Telecommunication department

In 2003 & 2004 he has initiated 2 major projects n the navigation application domain financed under FP6 :

  • AIRNET in the domain of airport ground movements
  • MITRA in the domain of dangerous goods transportation

From 1999 to date – Founder & President of M3 Systems

From 2004 to date – Development of radio-navigation activities in M3 Systems:

  • SOFTWARE RADIO PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT : Management of a software radio roadmap for GNSS appilcations based on USRP and VST platforms from National instrument
  • GNSS & VISION HYBRIDIZATION : Initiation of GNSS-vision hybridation R&D in cooperation with CEA LIST laboratory (
  • GNSS SOFTWARE LIBRARY : Definition of a software based modular GNSS multi-constellation receiver : managing the development of a generic software library to implement multi-constallation radio-navigation receveir that can be mapped into SystemC or FPGA platforms

From 1999 to 2004 – Senior consultant in Air Traffic Management in the frame of EUROCONTROL studies and project manager of FP7 projects in GNSS applications :

  • EUROPEAN COMMISSION (FP6) – 2004 : support to MITRA Project focused on the use of EGNOS/GALILEO for the surveillance and control of dangerous goods transportation by road and rail.
  • EUROCONTROL 2003 /2004 : Project manager of the Ground Application Navigation roadmap – Completion of the GAN roadmap with expertise that compasses the knowledge of avionics industry along with the A-SMGCS systems.
  • EUROPEAN COMMISSION (FP6) – 2003/2004: Project coordinator of AIRNET project a STREP aiming at definition new services based on EGNOS/GALILEO to control airport vehicles
  • AIRBUS 2003: Support to the definition and to elaboration of the OPTIMAL project technical and administrative proposal (Integrated project in response to FP6 call) led by AIRBUS. OPTIMAL is and aiming at the definition and evaluation of future aircraft approaches in the 2010-2020 horizon.
  • EUROCONTROL – 2002 -2003 Participation, as a subcontractor for ICON, to the Airport (APR) projects Cost/Benefit Analysis – Responsible for the analysis of APR projects and Support for cost estimation and methodology.
    • ESA 20003 : GAMMA Project manager : Development of an EGNOS prototype for the surveillance of airport vehicles using ADS-B and UHF data link.
    • EUROCONTROL 2002 – 2003 A-SMGCS Project manager of the strategy, Operational Concept and Requirements of the A-SMGCS, EUROCONTROL AOPDefinition of the EUROCONTROL A-SMGCS project strategy, implementation steps, operational and functional requirements.
    • STNA 2001-2002 – NUP2 – Leader of Toulouse Tiger Team for Enhanced Airport Surface Movement Safety – STNA, Toulouse Airport, Airbus. Analysis of safety hasards in runway area and definition of solutions taking benefit of ADS-B.
    • ESA 1999-2001- Support to ESA in the frame of the Space Standardisation group SOIF/CCSDS (ESA- NASA-CNES-NASDA)
    • French Ministry of Research 2000-2001 : DELTA PROJECT Study and Definition of a generic set of SMGCS services for a medium size airport such. The study included trials at Toulouse airport.
      • STNA 2000 Mediterranean Free Flight Project: Co-ordinator of French Civil Aviation (DNA) activities for the Technological working area including Communication technologies, ADS, Navigation- Synthesis of DNA technical inputs & interface with partners (ENAV,AENA,LFV).
      • EUROCONTROL 2000: Feasibility assessment of an automated Runway Occupancy Time system Technical analysis and cost estimation.
      • EUROCONTROL 1999/2000 : Marketing support to EUROCONTROL project and elaboration of projects communication plans: LINK 2000+, Free Route Airspace, Human Factors
      • EUROCONTROL – 1999/2000– Study on performance evaluation of future Data Link architectures
      • EUROCONTROL 1999 : Marketing support to EUROCONTROL project and elaboration of projects communication plans: 8.33 frequency spacing, ACARS (1999)
      • EUROCONTROL 1999 : Interoperability study to support the definition of future air traffic control center

1991-1998: ADV Technologies – Toulouse Office Manager

  • ESA 1994 – 1998 : Project Manager of digital electronics for on-board satellite applications : Remote Bus Interface (RBI) used in ENVISAT, XMM, INTEGRAL and METOP satellites (1994-1996) , 1553 intelligent coupler (1996), 8 bits & 16 bits Microcontrollers (1997),
  • ESA/AEROSPATIALE-1996 : Definition and performance evaluation of a CCSDS packets multiplexing algorithm and optimisation of communication bandwidth and memory resources for MSG satellite command/control data link
  • CNES – 1995 : Modelling and performance evaluation of SPOT 4 payload management center (CGCU)
  • EUMETSAT –1995 : Consultancy on the platform / NOAA payLoAds interfaces: Analysis of TIROS architecture and definition of a generic approach for coupling to 1553 bus.
  • ESA 1992 – Consultancy on the standardisation of ENVISAT-1 command & control payLoAd computers (ICUs), definition of a generic approach to specify command & control needs

1985-1991: ESA-ESTEC – ERS1 satellite project

  • Responsible in ERS-1satellite project team for the on-board computers development : Technical Management of industrial contracts (ALENIA , MARCONI ) 1985-1991
  • Initiation of standardisation studies at ESA for on-board computers and related test equipment, study follow up with BAE, LABEN, SEXTANT and FINNYARDS (1990-1991)

1982-1985: THOMSON SDC – Air Traffic Control Division

  • Studies of a European meteorological radar network ( 1985)
  • Definition of signal processing algorithms to detect thunderstorms (1984)
  • Technical studies in the domain of Doppler radar for Air traffic control (1982-1984)

Publication & Courses

June 2000- June 2003 – Associated Professor at ENSEEIHT (Toulouse) – Teaching in telecommunications and protocols engineering


  • Budapest Galileo Conference (may 2004): Use of EGNOS /GALILEO for airport ground movements surveillance and control
  • Varsaw Galileo Conference (may 2003) : GAMMA project and EGOS utilisation in the airport ground movements.
  • NAVSAT 2002 – DELTA: EGNOS Demonstrator for Airport Vehicle Localisation–Marc POLLINA
  • Automatic Measurement of Runway Occupancy Time -JISSA 2001- Bruno LAMISCARRE -ONERA, Marc Pollina-ADV Systems
  • DASIA2000S-Miner : A Tool to support System Engineering , Conference, Marc POLLINA –ADV Systems
  • Distributed Systems : From user needs to validate architecture –DASIA2000 Conference –M. Pollina ADV Systems, Christian FRABOUL ENSEEIHT.
  • Intelligent bus Couplers for High Level Interfacing – DASIA 99 Conference May 99 – M.Pollina ADV, D. Maeusli ESTEC, J.Thiechard CNES
  • A micro-controller with built-in support for CCSDS telecommand & telemetry – TM/TC Conference ESTEC – Noordwijk Nertherlands , June 98 – P. Sinander – Sandi Habinc – M. Pollina
  • End to-End approach for satellite management : concepts, ASSP products, system integration – DASIA 98 – Conference on Data Systems in Aerospace- Athens Greece 25-28 May 98 M. Pollina – P. Mercier
  • Simulation and Modelling of real time distributed systems with extended Petri-Net-18 th International conference on Petri Nets – Toulouse, June 23-27 1997- M. Pollina -E. Britz
  • The RBI chip : How to convert an ASIC into an ASSP –Third ESA Electronic Components Conference – 22-25 April 97 – ESTEC – M. Pollina- Marino- P. Mercier
  • A standard On-board bus coupler Chip – ESA – Preparing for the future – Dec 96-M- Pollina – S. Lokas – P. Mercier
  • OBDH protocol validation with SDL –ESA 2nd Workshop on executable specifications – 10/11th December 96 – ESTEC, M. Pollina – E. Britz
  • Modelling and Optimisation of on-board bus systems- Colloque internationnal AAAF- Outils informatiques, ingéniérie des systèmes et compétitivité – 5-6 Mars 97 – Paris Le Sénat- E. Britz – M.Pollina
  • Méthodologie de spécification et de validation d’architecture bord – Journées de commande-contrôle – Toulouse – Décembre 95,P. Mercier – M. Pollina – E.Britz
  • Interfacing OBDH & 1553 : system & design issue –OBDH Conference – Noordwijk – March 94 ,M. Pollina – P. Mercier
  • Experiences gained from the ERS-1 software development –Conduite des grands projets logiciels dans le secteur spatial – Toulouse, – Symposium,CNES – Octobre 90,M. Pollina-K. Hjortnaes